Barbara McCombs

Ola is my Mom's Mom. Marybelle is her Mom.
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Vintage film from Max Jones. Mom, Aunt Iola, Uncle Bob...


Ola and Will McCombs were married March 2, 1915, and moved to the Gallains Ranch south of Kenna. They had four children: Emmet B. McCombs; William B. McCombs, Jr.; Iola McCombs Gill; and Barbara McCombs McGraw.
In the early 1920's they lost the Gallains Ranch because of the depression and the failure of the banks they were using.

They moved to Kenna in 1924 to start Emmet, their oldest child, in school. Will worked for the state as the cattle Inspector for scabies. In 1926, they bought a small ranch south of Kenna and opened a country store and service station on the highway to Roswell and called it "Lonewolf". The children grew up there, going to a small school near the ranch and later going by bus to Kenna and Elida.
In 1940,
they sold the Lonewolf property and rebuilt the old home in Kenna and moved back there.
Will McCombs ran the Kenna post office for a number of years at that time. He died July 14, 1947, and was buried at Kenna.

Ola was very actice in the Kenna Church. As a midwife, she helped the local doctor deliver several children in the neighborhood.
She died September 23, 1945, and was buried in Kenna.

William Benton McCombs born March 8, 1875
Ola Jones McCombs born Feb. 11, 1890

Test Time

This picture was taken at our
New Mexico Family Reunion, 2003
If you can trace McKenna and Emma Rose
back to
Marybell Blassingame Jones & Wilbur Blake Jones
you will claim the title:
Grand Family Tree Meister

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