Uncle Frank

The President of the United States
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Rank and Organization: Private First Class, U.S. Army, Company H, 26th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division. Place and Date Near Schevenhutte, Germany, 19 November 1944. Entered Service at: Camden. N.J. Birth: Philadelphia, Pa. G.O. No.: 92, 25 October 1945.


He manned a heavy machinegun emplaced in a foxhole near Schevenhutte, Germany, on 19 November 1944, when the enemy launched a fierce counterattack. Braving an intense hour-long preparatory barrage, he maintained his stand and poured deadly accurate fire into the advancing foot troops until they faltered and came to a halt. The hostile forces brought up a machinegun in an effort to dislodge him but were frustrated when he lifted his gun to an exposed but advantageous position atop a log, courageously stood up in his foxhole and knocked out the enemy weapon. A rocket blasted his gun from position, but he retrieved it and continued firing. He silenced a second machinegun and then made repeated trips over fire-swept terrain to replenish his ammunition supply. Wounded painfully in this dangerous task, he disregarded his injury and hurried back to his post, where his weapon was showered with mud when another rocket barely missed him. In the midst of the battle, with enemy troops taking advantage of his predicament to press forward, he calmly cleaned his gun, put it back into action and drove off the attackers. He continued to fire until his ammunition was expended, when, with a fierce desire to close with the enemy, he picked up a carbine, killed 1 enemy soldier, wounded another and engaged in a desperate firefight with a third until he was mortally wounded by a burst from a machine pistol. The extraordinary heroism and intrepidity displayed by Pvt. McGraw inspired his comrades to great efforts and was a major factor in repulsing the enemy attack.

A tribute to Dad and Uncle Frank.
The first part is dad in Hawaii. He was at Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941



Uncle Frank

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Uncle Frank


This is the house where Uncle Frank,
Dad, Uncle Tom and Aunt Mary grew up.
3110 Merrimac Road, Fairview, NJ.

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Oct 17th 2015

Dear Mrs. McGraw, dear Mr. McGraw,

my name is Albert Trostorf. I am the Mayor of Merode in Germany and a passionate WWII Historian. My favourite unit is the 26th Infantry of the 1st Infantry Division. I ´ve studied the history of this unit since 1977.

I have been in contact with many veterans and now with family members of those heroes.

I found your most interesting and informative webpage. It would be a great honor and pleasure for me, if I could share some information with you. I have search many years to find and locate the site where Francix X McGraw fought his final battle. It is not too far from my home here at Merode.

Any answer to this email would be greatly appreciated.


Albert Trostorf Mayor Merode/Germany


If you are traveling to Germany...


Dear Mr. McGraw:
My name is Albert J. Trostorf. I am the Mayor of Merode in Germany and a WWII Historian. My favourite hobby is the history of the 1st Infantry Division during the Battle for the Huertgen Forest. Your uncle Francis X. McGraw who was decorated with the Medal of Honor posth. was killed in the forest behind my home here at Merode. For many years I have been in contact with one of his comrades. They gave me a very detailed description of the position. I searched for many days, but finally I found his old emplacement in the forest southwest of Merode. Please, feel free to write or contact me at: al-trostorf@t-online.de
Kindest regards
Albert Trostorf Mayor

Courtney, Tom met Max in Germany and visted Uncle Frank's grave site, 2016.


Uncle FrankUncle Frank