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Steve : I recently read "Totaled" , in was in a reader's digest. I was so moved by your story and Emmett, I am doing something I never did before, writing an author or any other celebrity. The scene you depicted with Emmett walking up for Holy Communion had me in tears. You did a wonderful loving thing for your brother and I just wanted to say I wish you well and hope this finds Emmett well as well. Good Luck in all you do..........Beverly Penney..Newfoundland Canada


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Pictures taken 12/22/2006

em injury

em leg injury

The pins put in Em's ankle.

ankle pinsankle pins

You ask yourself, how do you get someone to try and walk with such an injury?

em standing

The guy works day and night to bring you great stuff the from WWW.

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two monkeys

I'm going to archive some of his finds. I wish I started sooner.

El Warrior - El WWW


Warrior loves this!


Jesus picture

Presidents in uniform

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Husbands of the Year

Why the US is Bankrupt? - Cost of Illegal Aliens

Great Obama pictures

Death of the USA


pelosithree jobs

Archie Bunker has a few words for Barack Obama
April 19th, 2011 7:59 pm

It’s pretty telling that a show that originally aired during the Carter administration is equally applicable in an Obama world.

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snow remover

Where does porno come from?

Merry Christmas